Andreas Herr - About Me

I would like to heartily welcome you to the Heyday Studio...

...the place where I use the best vintage analogue equipment and state of the art Pro Tools systems to create a professional and well balanced sound.

My career as a professional musician began in 1989, when I was seventeen and began to play with various bands (Kind Tot//Ego) as a guitarist.

My work as an engineer started in 1992. As a FOH engineer, I worked with Uncle Ho, to this day one of my favourite bands, and toured with many bands in Europe and America - chasing the 'Rock and Roll' dream in more than 800 gigs behind the mixing console. I have mixed the support acts of bands such as The Smashing Pumpkins, Rage Against the Machine, or Limp Bizkit, experiences in large-venue and festival surroundings that have shaped my work.

In 1996, I created my first studio and started doing pre-productions and demos for the bands I knew - I practically lived at my studio back then. As Wolfgang Stach's assistant (Guano Apes//Such a Surge//Jupiter Jones, etc.), I got to know big recording studios (Galaxy//Wisseloord//Dierks, etc.) and tried to transfer their professionalism as well as their spirit to my own studio.

In 1998 I formed the band Heyday with musicians I knew. We signed away to a major (Virgin) and went on tour - among other things, we supported Lenny Kravitz, Reamonn, or Nickelback and played large festivals and TV shows.

In 1999, when Uncle Ho wanted to record their third studio album and Heyday their first, I decided to invest in my own studio and produce both albums myself. This was the beginning of the Heyday Studio. This is where I have produced countless albums and projects in the last 15 years, uniting my experiences as a professional musician, engineer and producer  with my love for music.

Andreas Herr

Andreas Herr - short info

Guitarist since 1989 / FOH engineer since 1992 (Uncle Ho and other bands) / studio engineer since 1996 / guitarist for Heyday since 1998 / owner of the Heyday Studio since 1999